Paramotor and Paratrike Gliders

The right wing for each condition, that means the pure flight pleasure.

In principle, one can fly with each glider with a paramotor and a paratrike. Sure, the pilot with the motor has to be in the tested weight range of the paraglider. Particularly suitable are gliders with perfect combination of small material weight, high speed and strong stability.


Skyjam Gleitschirme


In our development, we pay particular attention to excellent starting and flight behavior. We achieve necessary stability by use of most modern materials and an exact production process.
Entire production is in Europe while quality control is in Switzerland.




 PPG soloPPG tandemPPW soloPPW tandemmax.take off weightcertification
Skyjam Paragliders glidersX
Madness 18XX120 kgload test
Madness 19XX120 kgload test
Creek 22XX135 kgDMSV-B
Creek 24XX135 kgDMSV-B
Creek'XEXX165 kgENB/LTF 1-2
Wave 2XX160 kg
X´StreamXX150 kgDMSV-B
LightningXXX280 kgDMSV-B
OrcaXX360 kgDULV, DMSV-B