Electric Paramotor ST-Electro

Skyjam ST-Electro – Flying silently and eco-friendly

The electric paramotor ST-Electro is a sophisticated aircraft, which is built according to the most modern standards of electric engines. Our system is designed on one hand as a climbing aid for mountain pilots, as well as a fully-fledged aircraft for paramotor pilots.

The ST-ELECTRO is up to the expectations of the high standard series the demands of modern aviation. In connection with our ST-FREESTYLE trike, every pilot can enjoy the silent and ecological way of flying. Adding of the battery power and flight time is almost unlimited with this concept. This combination is  since April 2009 approved by DMSV and authorised in Germany.

Technical information ST-Electro

Power16KW max.
FrameTitan (3 parts)
Engine BracketCarbon
Battery50AH (nom. 60AH)
PropellerHelix 3-blade
HarnessSkyjam Freestyle´R
Weight with harness> 38 kg
Max. pilot weight< 100 kg
Flight timeca. 45min without thermals
OptionsTrike Delta/Paraglider
CertificationDMSV (Germany)
Authorization in SwitzerlandYes


Since July 2015, it is legal to fly our ST-Electro in Switzerland!



We developed our ST-Electro system by integrating a motor from Werner Eck and Joachim Geiger in our titanium frames. We used our extensive experience in paramotor production, propeller optimisation and finding the balance between the motor and the wing. With our latest system and 50AH battery, you can fly without a thermal more than 45 minutes. We paid special attention to the propeller, glider and motor optimisation, so that the level flight has the minimal usage of energy. This makes it possible to fly as much as twice longer as is the battery capacity when the weather conditions are good.  You  can fly both the thermals during the day or enjoy the evening flight. With combination with our ST-Freestyle trike, also the pilots who don´t want to start with a foot launch can enjoy the flight. The relatively higher cost of the engine by the purchase is decreased when you count the price for the flight hour. With the electric engine, you have the “fuel” prepaid – the cost for electricity used during charging are negligible when you compare it with the petrol and oil needed for the petrol engines. Moreover, ST-Electro needs very little maintenance, what makes the flying with it even more enjoyable and less expensive.

The engine is 100% maintenance-free and the battery guarantees at least 1000 charging cycles.

We succeed to combine the excellent quality with the high safety and performance. All engines are produced and tested in Switzerland. 

The combination of ST-Electro with trike ST-Freestyle was the first certified combination with the electric engine in Germany. In Aprill 2009 the ST-Electro was certified by DMSV (German certification centre).


Certificate Date Sheet ST-Electro

Certificate Date Sheet ST-Electro with ST-Freestyle

Certification ST-Electro

Certification ST-Electro with ST-Freestyle