Skyjam Aircraft – the passion of flying

Electric flying machines that stand for freedom and pure flying pleasure. Take off and land in small places, enjoy a feeling of flight like the aviation pioneers at the beginning of the 20th century. Explore countries from a perspective that otherwise only birds know. Experience flight trekking full of freedom, adventure and almost without limits – that is Skyjam Aircraft.

How it all started: When we designed and built our first gasoline prototype in 2004, we wanted to develop equipment that was safe, strong, robust, easy to handle and most importantly, customer friendly. They should not be systems that spend more time in the workshop than in the air. A principle that has not changed to this day.

Successful series production of systems with gazoline engines followed. As early as 2007, work began in parallel on a new drive technology – the electric motor. We were ridiculed and sometimes called crazy. Against all odds, we succeeded in bringing our first serial electric motor to market in 2008. Over the years, the production of these systems increased and improved with each new model. In 2018, active sales of all petrol engines were discontinued and the last serial model was delivered in 2019. Since this year we have been building exclusively electric systems for paragliders and hang gliders – including trikes.

2019 was the end of an important era for us. Despite all the successes and wonderful experiences, it was already clear to us in 2008 that our future lies in electric flying. After the many years we have a lot of experience in the development and construction of electric flying machines. It was often a difficult and rocky road but the satisfaction of our customers strengthens us in the conviction that this decision was the right one.

We stand as a Swiss company with our partners for highest quality and best service in all ranges.